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03.2000 Opening of the Website.

04.00 Closure of the web site by Ifrance (provider)
without any warning. Reopening at Free.

07.00 Open English section.

07.00 All site in English just in time ouf !!!

08.00 Establishment of a mail list.

01.01 Nexen (provider) closed the site. What I have
a big problem of storage for videos.
I closed the photos from the web too of claim
(this is my photo, this is not yours, etc.
The problem is resolved photo of the closed web)

02.01 The ksurf provider has closed my web site too

09.01 Openning the new section for personal
ads in french only.

10.01 The web site is full.
I am going to open another Website elsewhere.

01.03 Opening of a pay Website (
to buy a free space without commercial
to be able to continue stocking photographs and videos

04.03 Purchase of space for the free site (
Move tracksuits picture and video in this free space.

06/03 Placing wallpapers and quick menu.

08/03 Installation of a free game (in test).


08/2006 Opening a space "Art".

05/2007 Adding an RSS feed click here : or here :
to get the latest news.

06/2009 1 week of interruption due to a technical problem
of the hoster. And big problems of email with Freesurf.

08/2009 Change of email to send me your photos.

09/ 2010: Establishment of a new writing system for
the contacts between the visitors with the possibility
of attaching a photo with your message!

05/2016: reception of a complaint of AOL for spam further
to the sending of a newsletter. The sender of the complaint wishes to
remain unknown of course. Rejection of any subscription via
to avoid a closure. & and the social networks here.

Do not hesitate continues to send me your pictures.

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